Saturday, January 22, 2011

swap 4 of 52

Still no takers on #1 and #3. Hoping to really get this going, so I can keep up the swaps all year!

This week's print is from a design I made two years ago. It's in reference to the Arts and Crafts Movement, an anti-industrial movement which started in the 1860s.

6"x6" archival inkjet print on luster paper.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

swap 3 of 52

Last week's print (2 of 52) went to Lolo. Our prints are currently traveling across the pond to get to one another, so expect a post soon-ish when I receive hers! I'm excited for this project to be taking off.

Print 1 of 52 is still available, just fyi. You can claim it at any time, just go to that entry and comment.

And now to unveil print 3 of 52. This quarter I am in a course where I am learning the finer points of scanning and printing digital images. My first scanning assignment was to scan any negatives from that past that have given me trouble. I had this roll of film from my study abroad in Greece (June 2008) that was partially exposed to light, when the light switch to the film room I was in was flipped on while I was loading the film in my tank (the light switch was outside of the room). I never printed anything from the roll even though some of the frames were fine and some were only slightly affected. I decided to use that for this scanning assignment, and here is one of my favorite images from the roll:

This is 3 of 52. It will be digitally printed. Archival inkjet print on luster paper, 8"x10". This image was taken in Lefkes, Greece.

Who wants it?

I am going to extend the offer of sending a postcard and mini print to anyone who will plug this project on their blog. Just leave your email address if you do so and I'll get in touch. To those who already have, thank you so much, I got a little behind last week but I have envelopes with your names on them on my desk and they will go out Tuesday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Print 2 of 52 has been claimed! Thank you Lolo, for ensuring that my project is not a bust! I will make a post about Lolo's print as soon as I receive it.

Print 1 of 52 is still available.

Print 3 of 52 will be unveiled on Friday.

Still offering mini prints and postcards in exchange for plugging this project on your blog! See entry below.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

needing some PR help

This project needs exposure! From now until January 15th, if you mention my project on your blog, along with a link, then leave a link to your blog and your e-mail address as a comment to this entry, I'll mail you a mini print and postcard from my stash.

Friday, January 7, 2011

swap 2 of 52

Silver gelatin print, 2010.
Image size: 6"x6"
Paper size: 8"x10"
Paper type: Ilford multigrade neutral b&w fiber based

I made this photograph last quarter as part of a series about farm markets in Ohio. The series was done for a class I took called "alternative camera systems" where we explored the use of plastic cameras and pinholes. These were taken with a Holga.

Print 1 of 52 has not been claimed yet, so feel free to go back to that one as well. I have decided to keep going, as I think this project is going to generate more interest as it goes on, and maybe some of you are just waiting to see what is posted next.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy 2011

Happy New Year! The first swap is open and posted below. I need to find a taker within a week! If you want it, claim it. Go!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

swap 1 of 52

The first item up for swapping is this lovely image which I produced last quarter. The series is still in progress and does not have a name yet. I am working with concepts regarding food and how our culture deals with our modern food production system.

Image size is 7"x9" on 8.5"x11" luster paper. Archival pigment print.

Who will be the first to swap? If that is you, just leave your e-mail address and, if you can, an image showing what print you will swap for this one, as a comment to this post! I'll get in touch with you after that.

Note: This project doesn't begin until January 1! I am currently traveling for the holidays and won't be able to mail you this print until then. I am posting early in order to generate interest in the project and to seek out willing swappers. Future posts will occur one per week and prints will be mailed out that week.